On January 12, the Mechanical Intelligence and Aeronautics Training I presentation was held in the mechanical engineering lecture room, and four second-year undergraduate students who have been provisionally assigned to this laboratory gave presentations.

The purpose of Training I is to cultivate the ability to independently investigate and research specific issues, learn how to prepare presentations, how to present (attitude), and how to answer questions through presentations and discussions of the results, and to deepen understanding of various issues in their chosen fields of specialization.

The presenters and titles of their presentations are as follows. (Photos are only for students who were able to be photographed.

Maximilian Fernaldy
Presentation Title:
“Survey of approaches to high-efficiency machine learning applications”


Kamalakkannan Umarani Sathyanarayanan
Presentation Title:
“Unlocking Optimization Frontiers:A Comprehensive Exploration of Problem Solving using Quantum Annealing”


Yusuke Ishihara
Presentation title:
Accelerator technology supporting 3DCG

Shusaku Omoto
Presentation Title:
“Power Saving of Microprocessors